About Us

Mike Jerome has been using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to addressing insect and disease issues for trees and shrubs since 1982. To him this means tackling the problem with a variety of environmentally conscientious and thoughtful processes.  Over the years techniques and technology have changed considerably, and so has Mike.  Continuing education courses and consistent contact with the UMASS laboratories keeps Mike and his team up to date on the latest tools of the trade.

Did you know there is a whole army of predatory insects that we want to keep around? This is one of the reasons that systemic pesticides have been making ground on the ‘target issues’ that doom hydraulic sprays.

Contact us sooner rather than later.  Most pests have only one damaging life cycle as they go from egg to adult. Waiting could mean your window for control has passed.  The same holds true for diseases. When visible damage from leaf and twig disease is noticed the window has passed.  Clean up the leaf litter and get after it the following spring.

Local folks may have heard of a similar sounding company name, Bark Busters.  That’s because Bug Busters Inc. is an offshoot of Bark Busters Tree Service.  Mike decided to separate the IPM business from the tree and shrub business for better tracking and focus.