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Tick infestation, Westwood MA

April 28, 2015


wpid-kimg0115.jpgHere we are walking some dogs in Westwood. I found deer ticks on both pooches. Be sure to check yourself and your pets thoroughly after walks in the woods. Massachusetts is full of ticks this time of the year. They like to hide in bushes, waiting to catch a ride on you or your passing dog. Bug Busters can spray your yard with pet-safe (and children safe) solutions that will help mitigate this possible health risk issue. Ticks in the Westwood area can be active from April through November – so don’t wait all Bug Busters today for a free quote on what it will cost to protect your pets and family.

Bugs or beetles on Birch in Wellesley, MA

September 19, 2014

This birch tree in Wellesley Massachusetts would have been completely defoliated if we had not been called in for treatment. We are taking measures to prevent this from happening next year and will have follow up photos in 2015.
Please call or email Bug Busters Inc for assistance.


Please call bugbusters inc for assistance

Leaf damage by little green worm – winter moth on Oak in Westwood, MA

June 2, 2014


This Oak in Westwood is infested with winter moth larvae and canker worm. We sprayed it with an organic pesticide to minimize the damage and hopefully reduce next year’s numbers.  Also: If we have you in our system for next spring then we get to the application earlier in the damaging life stage of any pest or disease. Many Massachusetts towns have been dealing with this problem and homeowners see the holes after the damage has begun.

Caterpillar damage to birch leaf in Weston, MA

January 13, 2014

While meeting with a customer late season in Weston to scout insect damage I found a caterpillar defoliation a birch tree