A Bug Busters rep (probably Mike Jerome) will visit with you or walk through your property to assess what has happened in the previous year(s) and what will most likely happen in the coming year.  Sorry, no advise on the economy, this just pertains to insect and disease.

This can be very informative for both of us and there is no charge for the initial visit.


We still need hydraulic sprayers and we try to use Horticultural oil or a Spinosad product when doing so.  These are recommended for getting results while using products with minimal adverse effects and residual life. The key to this strategy is getting the pest early while it is small. Don’t delay and call today.


Soil and trunk injections are very effective and very safe.  These systemic treatments are absorbed into the vascular tissues so there is no overspray to worry about.  There is no collateral damage to beneficial insects. The treatments last longer because there is no wash off or sunlight occurring under the bark.

As these techniques develop I believe the industry will rely on them more and more.  We will follow that trend.